Made it to Pennsylvania

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September 22, 2010 – Made it to Pennsylvania


We are now in Pennsylvania on the New Jersey boarder. Another long hard run taking some short cuts and such across the hinterlands. Finally down I-84 and through a national park we arrive in our campground, setup, and watch a thunderstorm roll through.  We are all very tired today, and it is dark.  We noticed that once out of the metro areas, the north east is vastly unpopulated. We thought Connecticut was the pretties, dense forests of deciduous trees all turning colors. When we stopped for fuel, we noticed an interesting problem for motorist with sports cars. They eliminated all the grades of fuel except regular 87 octane, all three buttons are regular 87, the others have been removed from the pumps. Fuel is still ranging from $2.59 a gallon to $2.72 a gallon, but down town Boston seems to average about $2.47. So as one can see from this blog, not much happened today, we just traveled about 320 miles and parked for the night.Good Evening and good night