Orland Maine via Mexico

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September 6, 2010 – Travel to Orland Maine via Mexico

We made it Mexico

Unlike Beaverton Oregon, the signs are written in English, and Mexico celebrates independence day… On July 4th, and flies the U.S. flag. Get a clue Beaverton!!!! The biggest issue I saw with the town, is they have a huge wooded dam on the river in the upper part of the town, and if the boards ever … well rot out, the lower end of town will be flushed away. I guess that is one way of forcing urban renewal, if not removal.  We are happy to report that fuel in main is $2.60 cents a gallon on average. Also note, camping is difficult after Columbus day. as they shut the campgrounds and leave the area to ice fishing. I guess ice fishers don’t need to camp?

The trip was 200 miles, but the small towns, and narrow roads caused about 6 hours of drive time, plus a one hour rest area visit. We came into Maine with no camp ground chosen for the night. Athena found us a nice spot on a little 10 mile pond called “Toddy Pond” with a space on the pond. Although perplexed at our activity of pointing the front of the motor home toward the lake so we could see it, the management decided it was OK though weird. Every one else rents water front sites and places the back of their RV toward the lake so they can pretend they do not have a view. Who wants to see sunsets and water any way…

The camp ground is nice, the management humors us, and leave us little to complain about. Now if only the kids would bathe!!!

Pual Bunyon
Pual Bunyon, Some how he manages to be in Oregon and Main
Toddy Pond
Toddy Pond Campground Great for little kids
Giant Dragon Fly
Biggest Dragon Fly We Ever Saw
Our Boss
Rest Area
The Rest Areas Here are opulent. Well worth a stop.

Good Evening and Good Night!