Minuteman National Park

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September 18, 2010 – Minuteman National Park


posted Sep 18, 2010 6:22 PM by Athena Pantekoek   [ updated Sep 19, 2010 8:29 AM ]

As you see, there is no picture on the blog today. Our primary camera died hard today, lost the motor that brings the lens in and out, I guess there are only so many times the focusing mechanism can move before wearing out. In efforts to revive it, all photos taken today were lost.  I think it does not like misty and cool weather. We will use an older camera that we have as a backup until we can figure out the best camera to buy as a replacement. No idea what that will be yet. These last weeks have been expensive in worn out or broken stuff, or soon will be expensive when we actually fix or replace objects. List of things to repair or replace: Camera, GPS, Car Breaks, Car Struts, Car O2 Sensor, Hybrid computer chip, engine wiring harness, battery pack for the hybrid and associated wiring. (I guess Saturn screwed up when they built the hybrid. oops!) RV needs look very minor now. The good thing is while checking to make sure the battery pack on the hybrid is not leaking, I found Sarah’s Nintendo DS. That has been missing since August!! I love a victory.

Today we did enjoy the minuteman park. We watched a multimedia presentation showing the original Boston map, the positions of the farms, towns and minutemen who defended their towns from the British. The story was interesting as we discussed the shot heard around the world. No one is sure who fired that shot, but at that, the revolution was underway. I wonder what things would be like, if the king had not taken away the ability for the colonies to meet and have their local governments, if the king had not shortened the rope so tight and did many of the other things he did. Would the colonist have rebelled? Would we have a different form of government? Or was it just a matter of time being so far from the king? One thing that I am sure of, another mans life is not worth taking over a dollar bill, and I am glad our for fathers did not rebel primarily for taxation without representation, but it was all about our inalienable rights and freedoms given to us by God. The colonies did not want a fight, they only wanted to be left alone to a free nation under God. Had the King backed off and left them alone no one would have died in such a bloody war, but the British knew they were powerful and they had a sizable investment in the Americas. Owning land mass and people is power and great way to procure national security.  The British were too  big and too proud to fail. They ignored the colonist issues too long, then added laws and taxes that only added fuel to colonist dissent. The British then sent too few men to subdue the colonist. The British hoped that by making an example of a few would conform the many. This pride led to sloppiness and a long drawn out war that the British eventually lost, giving us a free nation that we need to appreciate and protect. Remember the sacrifice that all these men and women made, before you cast your votes for senators, congressman, governors and presidents. Make sure they uphold the constitution, remember the declaration of Independence, and are convicted of the need to preserve life and liberty. Don’t allow more program, laws and expenses that subdue your freedom of travel, freedom to worship as you choose, and freedom to educate and live according to you conscience. These Men died for these values.

When we left the Minutemen behind to continue on with their bidding; we took a short cut back to Hingham Mass. We drove Highway 2A to Cambridge, then Harvard Square. (Harvard looks like every other Ivy league college with brick building and ivy. Just a lot bigger and very impressive.), we then passed by the main admin building for MIT, (That building looked just like a state capital building and the secondary buildings are modern sky scrapers. This schools architecture is more reminiscent of Chicago.) The next turn took us over the Charles river into the heart of downtown Boston. (Bicyclist are dangerous here too… They just don’t obey traffic laws… I had to try and hit the same pair of cyclist 7 times in seven miles!!! They kept getting in front of me by riding straight through every stale red light… I still think big cities cause suicidal behavior) Man, if can’t get my spelling under control or complete a sentence I am going to kill my self!!! :).  So that concludes another strangely interesting day in the big city…

Living with three women can really mess a man up.. Good Evening and Good Night!!!