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August 30, 2010 – Tour of Niagara area

  Space Needle Toronto! I guess everyone needs one. This one is visible from Niagara Falls.
Boy we spent a day out and about again. We started our Day in the Lock Port caves next to the Eerie canal; 300 miles long dug out in 1815 to move barge traffic inland. Our tour took us through the under ground water ways that spun the turbines used to mechanically power the first three largest factories in the area. One of these factories was owned by a man who invented fire hose and fire hydrants. This factory was very successful until it burned down. The cave was a long walk along lit trails with a tour guide, ending in a boat ride through the water network. Very interesting tour. A must see.

The second attraction of the day was Niagara Falls,  the best view of the falls they say is from Canada, but we were very happy with our view. We took a ride on the Maid of the Mist up the river right under the Horseshoe and American Falls, I can’t say I could have imagined such magnitude. The Maid of the Mist really drove home the awesomeness of these falls. Niagara Falls exceeded any preconceived notion I had about what they would be like. (The only downer, is I had a headache that kept me on the edge of ill the whole time.) I enjoyed these falls in spite of that. Everyone needs to make it a point to go see the falls. Afterward we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe as a good meal seemed in order. The meal was not great, but not bad.

The last stop was Lake Ontario next to our campground. These great lakes just don’t quit, they seem to go on forever. So all in all it was a nice day out. Nothing I can say and pictures can not due justice to these sites.

Have a good evening.