Pennsylvania in the RV

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September 24, 2010 – Spent day in RV

RV In Timothy Lake North

Kids did School again all day, Athena did Laundry, and I sat on the phone with a Saturn representative who is in the Philippines trying to pressure a Saturn service center into repairing the Saturn. She got nowhere, so I called my service rep at home and let him know what the problem is. The consensus is the car is UN-drivable, and the parts are four months out as Springhill’s warehouse inventory has been depleted. So, no good news on the car, and it is putting a real damper on touring. Outside of that, a few days going no place is not bad, nice to have a break. We plan to take a tour bus into New York Sunday, if we are brave enough to drive the car to the pickup location. Probably will do that because it would be sad to come this far and not see New York City.  In spite of the car, we really have nothing to complain about. People are strange, they drive like their hair is on fire, very nice in general when we see them, and we can’t go anywhere without some one stopping Athena and the Girls and telling them how pretty their hair is. The girls were fortunate and inherited their beauty from their mother, but I fear, they may have gotten their intellect from me.  Also many people are really fooled by us, we have heard from some that we are the nicest people they ever met. Comments like that could really ruin our reputation!

Have a good evening and a good night….