Race point on Cape Cod

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September 20, 2010 – Race point on Cape Cod

HMS Sommerset

Another glorious victory for the colonist delivered by God. The HMS Somerset, one of the best and most formidable ships in the British military ran aground in a storm just off Race Point. The colonist immediately stormed the ship, disassembled and burned every last stick they could lay hands on, and the rest of the ships hull is buried in the sand of the beach only to be revealed once in a while with the shifting sands.  Here is more info on Race Point: https://lighthouse.cc/race/index.html

After visiting Race Point we were rather hungry and had to satisfy our stomachs. We drove into Province Town on our way back from The furthest tip of the cape and got a sandwich from the Sandwich Nazi. That, name is no understatement! I am glad I liked my sandwich the way she made it. The girls were not so fortunate, they ordered it the way they wanted it, the lady made it the way she wanted it made, and that was that. So, I ended up with a little more food as the girls elected not to eat. Athena and I were full and we drove to Plymouth. There, the girls bought themselves some Pizza from Boston Pizza, and loved it. “The best pizza ever made” – Holly.

The last stop before returning to the Boston area, Plymouth Rock. (Actual spelling “Plimouth”, but we do not know any better so we spell it Plymouth)  There was not much to see, but a humble and  broken rock inscribed 1620. The the rock broke in half when the city tried to lift the rock off the beach to move it to the court house. While at the rock we saw Mayflower the 2nd in all her glory. Nice ship!

Back in Boston, we got a part and repaired one of the GPS units, did $20.00 worth of laundry, had pizza (Again..) $9.00 rather tasty and we were all satisfied. Last but not least, bought a gallon of milk and a loaf of white bread at the local discount market for $7.00. The pizza felt like a real bargain after buying milk.

Well that tour of duty took from 8:30 am to 9:30pm. Things we learned:
On a windy day the waves on cape code are big.
Small restaurants feel they know best what food should be and how it should be prepared, don’t insult them by asking for no mayo! Or please, plain cheese on only half the             Pizza. They smile and make the dish their way. You get what you get, don’t throw a fit or they might take it back and keep your money!
Hybrid cars are a rip off! Now that the Hybrid system on our car is finally not functional in any way, our gas mileage has increased from 23mpg average to 31mpg. They say it         is dangerous to drive with the system dead, but I am wondering who it is dangerous to, “Shell Oil”? I bet if I remove that big old battery I’ll get 36MPG, and gain back the  spare tire space and actually be able to carry a spare tire. The battery, may find its way to the dumpster along with the TV I tossed in Utah.
Laundry is expensive and they found a way to help out with the quarter problem. They are going to prepaid cards that you slide into the machines much like a credit card. This         way a wash can be $6.75 a load and dry is 5 cents a minute. We blew $20.00 on laundry today. With these prices, coins my be a thing of the past someday.
Forget taking a leak at a rest area outside the 9 – 6 business hours in Mass. The restrooms are only open during business hours.! Have to go on the road after that!!!!!!!!!!
We were desperate and arrived at 6:05pm.. Oops!!

That is about all we learned today.

Have a good evening and a good night!