September 21, 2010 – Cambridge Commies

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September 21, 2010 – Boston Again

commie bastard

Hello, Crowd. This is Athena writing today. We went to Boston by subway again today. Got a late start, and the first parking garage was full. At the second garage, we found parking. Sign says “Watch your step due to structural defects.” The center beam was sagging, and we all parked in the thing. Scary. Once downtown, we went to “Ha verd” according to the subway driver. Nice quiet campus, but it was loud off campus at the shopping mall for students and vistors. All the restaurants turn to clubs at night. The famous Harvard Coop is nothing more than a Barns and Noble with a small Starbucks, plus textbooks and sweatshirts.

The people seem more polite in downtown Boston than in the suburbs. People on the subway helped us when they overheard that we were lost. After Harvard, we finished the freedom trail, then went to see the Boston Library. Very impressive building, full of marble. It has large murals, some anatomically correct in great detail; they probably tell stories, if you knew how to tell stories.  We never found the books, but as it had four wings, they must have been there. They had a security guard to re-direct everyone who tried to find the courtyard, trouble is we couldn’t understand him. Sarah found the doors to outside. If they had just posted a small sign, it would have been cheaper and more effective. Massachusetts seems like it tries to put everyone to work. The cops spend their days directing traffic, as flagers in construction zones. The only thing the police have going for them, is that you can not find a street corner without a Dunkin Donuts. We have visited this establishment many times, as they don’t make any rest areas here. Must have coffee money to relieve oneself.
Ben and Jerry’s ice cream was so good, Darin almost considered changing political parties if that is what it took to get more ice cream. What political party are hippies anyway? I had the Mint chip, it was made of vanilla with Chocolate mint squares in it. The best mint chip I have had. And for some reason Ben and Jerry’s tastes better in Boston then in Oregon.
Good night and good luck finding good ice cream.