Statue of Liberty

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September – 26, 2010 – Went to Statue of Liberty, skipped New York City


Athena became ill over night, and neighbors on Both sides of us Partied until 4am this morning keeping us all up. Athena was too ill to take the New York tour. I was able to cancel and not lose the money. We woke up at noon, but what to do? We had rented the car to go to the tour, but it was too late. So as to not allow the day to be a wreck, I decided we would drive in and see the Statue of Liberty, we toured a dark skinned district of Newark NJ. on our way in, some in that area were none to happy to see us on their turf, but we smiled, Athena refused to take their pictures, and drove on, eventually finding Liberty State Park. We took a nice walk down the promenade along the bay to the Ferry boats. After a brief and personal search, we boarded the boat for Ellis Island, then on over to Liberty Island. They would not let anyone in the monument museum without a special permit, so we just looked up at the Statue. The Statue is rather dirty and in dire need of a bath. Other than that, it is more impressive in person than on television. We drove back without incident. This time I decided to pay the tolls and stay on the freeways as it was after dark and did not want to come in contact with the night crowd of North East Newark.


09262010 – Statue of Liberty

 First view of N.Y. Skyline

 Statue from the boat

 Liberties Kids

 Liberties Kids again!

 Thirteen Flags, Thirteen Colonies, Statue of Liberty

 Supper back in town here. (Soon to be demolished)