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Not many pictures today, we just drove hard and the windows are too dirty to take pictures through. All the snobby RV parks we have been in since we left Idaho banned washing the RV. We found one RV wash in Denver, but so far not ventured near any more wash houses that have enough clearance for an RV.  This park says washing the RV in any place other than an RV wash is a violation of Ohio state law.

Athena and I got the kids up this morning, they protested violently! They have been keeping us up past midnight for several days now. After that battle was completed Athena and I ran off to Granger Indiana to get a blood test for my doctor, then raced back to the RV, and got us on the road after a quick clean up and pushing the kids through the rest of the get ready to go procedure. Once we go out on the road, we discovered both GPS units were broken, and I promptly got lost. We took several turns that I did not think an RV and car combination could make. After some running around, we hit hwy 20 in Elkhart and traveled east for a very long time, then traveled south through Toledo. When I fueled up, I accidentally put Super in. Nearly broke me at $2.64 a gallon.  The regular unleaded here in Ohio is the green handled pump. (Who would have guessed!!!) I wonder if Diesel is uh!! maybe RED! I guess we will see how the motor home runs on 93 octane. Another note, Plus grade is cheaper per gallon than unleaded in Kansas, Nebraska, and Ohio.

Well Athena and I are tired, and there is another long day to come. The picture in the upper part of this blog is what Ohio looks like, minus some Amish people, trains, a city or two, and the great lakes. We will look for the lakes tomorrow.

Good evening and good night…