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August 29, 2010 – Travel to New York

The clash between the anti US people, the Liberals, the Conservatives, and the Indians is still alive and well in New York State. In one day we ran into folks from just about every persuasion. As usual, the Liberal and anti-US sentiments seem to congregate near the large cities, and the Conservative patriots reside in the hinterlands. What I had never ran into before, was the Indian point of view. I had to get fuel in New York but I was not wanting to pay $2.88 a gallon when being used to $2.55 a gallon as full tank would be an extra $25.00, so I was procrastinating on fueling until I saw a fuel station selling fuel for $2.59 a gallon. Pulling in there was a rather odd experience, as I had to let someone fuel the RV for me. The attendant was a young man in his twenty’s. The young asked me where I was going, and I told him, Niagara and then on to Albany before leaving the state. He said when you get to Albany deliver a message from me to a blind black man. “If he imposes his white man taxes on the Indians across all of America, the treaty will be considered broken and the Indians will revolt.” He then told me he had been arrested in Pennsylvania on Terrorism charges and did nine months on a no contest plea. I felt sorry for him, he seemed bitter, and not well informed. Hey, I got cheap fuel, so I can’t complain. North West New York was conservative like Eastern Oregon and Eastern Nebraska and loves to flaunt their love for God and Country. North East New York (Buffalo area) big city mentality,

Be liberal and drive like hell.

 We got to our park in Medina New York, the campground is pretty, but Athena and the kids were not happy about all the park rules and the ridiculousness of them. After the Athena and the girls left the office, the lady said no place can survive without rules. I told her the two adult rule at the pool and somethings were a bit more strict than they were used to, and having to pay $10.00 a day for enter and exit privileges to the campground was a bit odd. We had never encountered such things along our trip. She said the state of New York has a lot of laws and fines them heavily for unsafe conditions around the campground, the lake and the pool. They had just received a large fine from the health department because a kid was in the lake the other day. I commented “New York must be a tough state with a lot of challenging laws.” She said “Go to Pennsylvania, breathing will get you arrested. They have laws to keep you from breaking laws.”  The lady in the KOA office now has another person wait on me when I go in, she seems afraid of me. Hmm.. I did not mean to scare her. All the campers here seem friendly and happy, so that is good. Holly just walked in the door all grossed out, one young camper was too friendly and stole a kiss. She said it made her to ill to think about hitting him. I think I will buy her brass knuckles, just in case she does not feel ill next time.

Well, that was enough entertainment for another day.

Have a good evening and a good night if you are on the west coast, and just a good night if you are on the east coast, and what ever you want to have if your in the west….


New Yorkers say this state has laws to protect laws! The least independence offered for its citizens anywhere. I did not get a chance to ask anyone from Pennsylvania what they thought of New York, but I will when I get the opportunity.

 Lake Eerie from the freeway in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania freeway is the smoothest we drove on since Utah, and has no tolls. Gas was still $2.55 a gallon here. No high gas tax, no toll, and good roads. How does that happen?

 We found New York. The drivers here are suicidal. We saw two pass traffic and attempt to use Semi’s to crash test their cars on. One tried to the front of our RV to crash test his car, we swerved out of the way, he will have to look else where. I think they have too many taxes and laws and people have snapped.

Strange but true, Portland New York post the terms “In God We Trust”  and flags in public places on public property. I thought they did not do that east of Wyoming. We saw Garaffitti on a house: “Love our Veterans” and “Thanks to our troops” (Patriotic Vandals?)

 New York loves wine. There are wineries everywhere. I guess the Willamette Valley, and Napa valley are not the only wine capitals in the USA.