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August 31, 2010 – Travel to Warrenberg behind the Iron Curtain

New York is quite the state! Rules are the name of the game. One cannot touch any body of water without being in an official swim area with at least three life guards present. Swimming pools require two parents present, Sorry single parents, your kids are out of luck unless you have a good friend to pose as a parent. These water rules are drilled in hard, I had to sign a document acknowledging these rules among several others. To top it off, we passed through Russia on the way here. It is smaller than I had imagined. In fact I never even saw a building in the area.

Well we made a run of 300 miles today with a total of 15 being non secondary roads. We are now dead tired, but enjoyed the scenery and are rather amazed that the leaves are starting to turn and fall off the trees. Thursday morning, we race to New Hampshire and try to get settled in to a safe spot before the hurricane comes. Hopefully we get lots of rain, the RV is covered in bugs, and it is illegal to waste water washing the RV.  (They make a spray bottle soap type stuff that one sprays on and wipes off.) Sounds like a lot of work, but in this case, maybe it is worth it. I like brown painted RV’s, but bug splatter brown just is not our thing, and pictures are getting harder to take through the glass. Tried to wash the window at the gas station today, but water is not supplied with the wash sticks this time of year. I have no idea what their problem is with water, the stuff is every where. Remember lake Ontario!

Have a good evening and a good night…