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September 17, 2010 – Boston again

drive in the drink

Holly borrows an Amphibicar and takes us out on the Boston Harbor. Weather was cool and wet, so it was a good day to tour the harbor. After we got back back to the shore, we toured the USS Constitution which prevailed in 33 of 33 battles and is still floating after 198 years. The boat has been rebuilt many times, and 85% of the ship is redone. Now it is federally protected and will be maintained until the fall of our country.  After leaving the constitution behind, we walked up to Bunker hill, then down to Italian food district and had supper in a little retaurant that has been in business for 60 years, and the condition of the vinyl booths stand as a testament to this fact. The sauce tasted like Lasagna, but the pizza was quite good. Especially since it was only $13.00 for a large. For $20.00 with tip we had supper. Not bad for a down town supper. Well again, I am too wiped out to say any more, we will try and get pictures up tomorrow.