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October 3, 2010

Cabela's and GettysburgThe kids played in the pool and watched internet videos all day. The plan was to go and pickup the revolutionary war tour in Philadelphia, but it took a very long time to settle everyone to bed last night and as a result, we got up too late to go see the city. Athena and I were going to take the kids to Crystal Caves near Hamburg, pa as a way to make good use of the day, but the girls were not having any part in it. I needed a part for the bike rack in order to fix the rack to haul the bikes, and could only find the part at Cabela’s in Hamburg. After laundry was done, Athena and I ditched the girls to their @#@#!!@ internet shows that glorify stupidity and disrespect to everyone including them selves.(Thanks Disney for such wonderful family programming) and headed north to Cabela’s in Hamburg. This was by far the largest and most impressive store I have ever set foot into. The left side of the store had a high quality museum style exhibit of just about every breed of deer conjoured up in America. The animals were stuffed, and presented life like in their respective environments. The mid section had a water feature, a mountain (About ten times the size of the one presented at the Cabela’s in Idaho.) with bears, deer, live fish and other animals. The right hand side of the store had an African Safari exhibit including lions, full sized elephants, and many more creatures that I have no idea what are. The right front of the store had a full size aquarium to visit. Instead of running in and out of the stor in 5 minutes like we planned, Athena and I spent over an hour looking at the exhibits. (Randy, next time you go to Gettysburg, drive another hour north and visit Cabela’s, it is worth the trip.). On the way back, Athena and I did something the kids absolutely forbid, and stopped at a Mexican restaurant. The food was great, and reasonably priced too. In the end, we had a peaceful afternoon, driving to get a part for our bike rack. We did not get many pictures today, I took some of the kids in the pool, and some of the area, but they were all blurred, I guess this camera only really likes stationary objects with lots of light. We will likely have to break down and replace our broken camera. We are getting closer to defining what we want it to be, but still have not decided on a make and model yet.

(Go to the east coast and see Gettysburg, it made a huge impression on me. Also left me angry with the black community who demand reparations for the way they were treated. We live in country that squashed slavery and 10’s of thousands of men shed their blood to ensure freedom for all in this country. I reflected on the the communities we drove through in Portland Or, Seattle Wa, East St. Louis Mo. Brookyln Il, Chicago Il, Niagara Ny. Boston Ma, Jersey City Nj (This was the worst of the group in Filth and hatred that I have ever seen.)  and wondered why, with the grants and loan programs in community and other colleges why do these people not try to better themselves, why do they littler in the streets (I doubt our tires touched the street through all the trash in Jersey), burn their own homes, and damage their neighbors property and person; in a land of the free and the brave? Someone said their is little opportunity for them where they live, and they are stuck in that way of life. I don’t buy it, most Americans are in America because they moved here from somewhere in search of a place where they could find opportunity to live and work as they saw fit, our country is full of opportunity. Most all successful people have built their success on taking a chance, moving where required and laying down their life to better themselves and their country. We all need to remember we live in a land were blood was shed for our free way of life, all have an opportunity for success, just because one is poor today, does not mean he has to stay there, our country has a class system, but we are free cross the classes. we are not stuck in a cast system as many nations have. I don’t care how poor you are, show kindness, take some pride, keep your home, neighborhood and body clean and in good repair, even the animals can do better that what we saw in some of these cities (I think we need a new GPS with an option – Avoid trashy neighborhoods )). All need to work hard, do their best, and help their neighbor to his best.  Well that is enough for my soap box tonight…

Have a good evening and good night.