Just hung out at the service place while out tow equipment was moved

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VarmentSeptember 30, 2010

Not much to report today, just drove to Sweedsboro NJ. To camping world and sat there while they installed the tow bar from the Saturn, along with a wiring kit. Took us 3 hours to get there, had to travel Hwy 30 to 41 into Delaware, then 95 – 295 into Sweedsboro NJ. Had lunch at Cracker Barrel, Athena, Sarah and I liked it, and as usual Holly did not. She was very upset that they used Savory in Corn bread instead of sugar, and Sourdough in croutons instead of regular bread. The restaurant was empty, just us and the staff. They said the storm was too nasty to draw customers. Worked for me, the highways were wide open for our use. Rain came down across Penn, DE, and NJ areas we traveled much like it would in the spring in Oregon. The winds got up to about 40mph, we have seen worse. The most notable issues that arose were water backing up in places because they did not build in any drainage on the sides of the freeway, and a new trench across the campground here where the water came through, and a few trees toppled over due to saturated soil. Trees here are generally too small to do any severe damage. Other than these things we saw nothing of consequence in the storm so far. The roads, buildings and infrastructure here really are not designed to handle a good hard rain. The greatest threat here is tornadoes, had a warning in the area today, and are under a tornado watch this evening. Judging by how old the buildings are around here, tornadoes probably don’t do too much wide spread damage. The park here had one in july, it damaged some buildings and power, but the damage was minor over all. So for all the hype and hoopla on the TV and radio, there is not much to speak of.  The critter in the pipe that lies in our campsite, is not taking any chances on tornadoes, he has found shelter.

Good evening and good night…