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October 4, 2010

Liberty BellWell, we found it, the Liberty bell. Has a verse about liberty inscribed on it from Leviticus, is big, under high security, and a crack in it, so it must be the real deal.  There were so many people who wanted to see it that one could not look long, but it was still interesting. We got out late today, the clock was turned around and I could not see it and let everyone sleep too long. I was extremely grumpy, which was a very bad thing to say the least, and have barely recovered my self. (Turns out that the chest cold is getting the better of me, and the family.) Needless to say with a 2.5 hour drive to Philadelphia, we had to cut out a lot of what we had planned to do here, so we limited the trip in to the Liberty Bell, the Constitution Center, a walk to Christ Church, Franklin Square, along the side of Independence Hall (We could not go in as a ticket had to be obtained and we did not get there early enough. Note: All the secure federal attractions are moving to a ticket based system and one must get there early to secure a ticket. Check out any place you are going to make sure you can get there without a ticket, or find out how to get one. Independence Hall, Statue of Liberty, the U.S. Capital, Washington Monument and the Ford theater all require a special ticket now.) The only thing we saw in detail was the Constitution Center where we learned the only reason the American Revolution occurred was taxes. (It is a reason; number seventeen in a list of 27). I would contend the real reason, is the American Colonies had free reign for 200 years, the the king who rightfully owned the colonies began taxing and attempting to govern the colonies after they had tasted real freedom. People tend to fight when something is taken from them. The Constitution is about freedom, and is an ongoing battle to define freedom, and who it is for, Christian, Atheist, Black, Woman, and gay. To look around Philadelphia, it really does underscore freedom of religion, there are steeples from just about every religion in the world all here in this one city. We are definitely a multicultural nation, freedom is not free, one must fight to gain it, and one must always fight to retain it. I just hope the fight can be fought in congress, and the courts, not on the battlefield and in our nations streets. Everyone needs to be educated in their belief and ideals, they must share them by living them, not by forcing them on others; that we may all be free to choose.

Good Evening and Goodnight…

VerseFromLeviticusonBell AFlatteringStatueOfBenFrankilinonThePhilosophershouse

Ben Franklin was no king of fashion, so he was turned to a marblish substance.


AMemberWhoFellAsleepinchurchisnowburriedthere FamilyInFrontOfTheLibertyBell

AFlatteringStatueOfBenFrankilinonThePhilosophershouse AMemberWhoFellAsleepinchurchisnowburriedthere FamilyInFrontOfTheLibertyBell IndependenceHall PennsChurchOfChrist Philadelphia Philosophershouse SecondNationalBank StateHouse TheLatestDebateAthePhilosophersHouse

IndependenceHall PennsChurchOfChrist Philadelphia Philosophershouse SecondNationalBank StateHouse


State house is rather stately.

TheLatestDebateAthePhilosophersHouseUh, isn’t Darwin rather dead? Do they really want to bring his remains to a meeting. Seems ghoulish and rather Halloween.