Replace Saturn in Annandale New Jersey

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September 27, 2010

After a great deal of negotiating with GM, several Saturn authorized repair facilities, and shopping the wrecking yards, we decided it was time to stop repairing the Saturn and move on. We researched compact tow-able SUV’s for the best reliability ratings possible; and came up with the Honda CRV. Once we decided on the car, we then had to hunt for the car. We shopped many Honda dealers around Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey and finally found willing to take our car on trade. Most refused it because it was a Saturn Hybrid, we had not even told them about the check engine light, and the myriad of other problems. (Warning to anyone thinking of buying a Hybrid, trading them is twice as difficult as trading a non Hybrid. Also note: the hybrid systems are temperamental after a few years of service, are hard to get parts for, and expensive to service. Hybrid technology is also changing at lightning speeds now, and the whole nickle hydride system with IMA controllers is going away, along with people who can service the technology. We also found that fuel economy Hybrid to non hybrid on our Saturn was of of no consequence.) One Dealer though was willing to take the car and we traded it in for a lease on the 2010 CRV (We were even able to find a white one! Really, we wanted it in white, and white is hard to find.). We went with a lease for three reasons: 1. Financial – Honda is running a promo with a payment close to what we were paying on the Saturn and a 15K mile allowance. 2. Lease is three years, comes with built in GAP insurance, and all repairs including oil changes are covered in the lease. 3. If the car is not as good as we hope, it is only 3 years from another one, and we will not have to worry about owing more than it is worth. (How often does our family keep a car beyond 3 years?) So there we have it, now we will get the towing equipment put back on the new car later in the week.  I will not really want to buy another GM product anytime soon after the service I received on the Saturn issue. Knowing the car was not drivable, they were willing to let us sit for 4 months, from the time they could find a service center able to fix it, before getting us on the road again. Though they would have covered the parts when they eventually showed up, it was unacceptable to us.

Now for the new car; what did we get: JD Power rating: (Use this site before buying a car, it is wonderful.)
Description of the car:    As is normal, it took the entire day to drive in and buy the car, but the price was right only due to Honda clearing out the 2010’s at a fire sale. After that, we came back to the RV as it has been dumping rain all day. The girls worked further ahead on their schooling so we could spend quality time touring later on. Athena and I have been listening to a historical account of the Revolutionary war called “Washington’s Crossing” We are currently listening to the account of the battle for Trenton New Jersey. “Rather timely, if I must say so my self.”  Tomorrow will be our last day in this area, and we will be heading South to Lancaster Pennsylvania for a couple weeks.

Have a good evening and a good night…