October 11, 2010 – Tour Capitol building and Aero Space Museum

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October 11, 2010 – Tour Capitol building and Aero Space Museum


Well it is an end to a very long day. We saw the Aero Space museum, The Capitol, The Supreme court, and the Library of congress today. I am too tired to write tonight, but have posted lots of pictures. Pictures and Notes.  Note: The capitol building dome is the third one, One lost to the British invasion in 1814, One torn down due to fear of fire after the Library of Congress burned, and finally, the one we see made out of Iron during the Civil war. (This is interesting, look up the history of the dome rebuild during the civil war.)


Union Station Pictures Washington DC

 Main Entry

 Mall in Union Station.


 Sorry about the dark the window is on the east this am

 Hey, did they forget to patent the Liberty Bell?

 Columbus day monument

 Fitting since today is Columbus day.

 The United States Capitol
 Wall of Senate Chamber, Sarah and the Monument

 Left  Senate, mid – rotunda, Right wing – The House

 House Representatives

 East Side of White House

 Plaster mold for statue on the top. (Looks like Drag)

 Painting in Rotunda, Washington Goes to Heaven.

 Carvings along wall are actually paintings.

Next president if any more taxes are passed. Scary…

 Mr. Oregon

 Only president to work on the floor after his term.

 Library of Congress (Was closed due to an incident while we were in the tunnel from the Capital to the Library. Police evacuated the building and the tunnel, so we have no other pictures.)  More pictures below:
 Supreme Court Building:
 The National Afro Space Museum:
 Emilia Earnhardt

 Star of Hell’s Angels – Featuring the Red Barron

Around the world in this connected to balloon. Ouch!

 Nasa’s Space Car

Kids ordering customized space station. Easier than lunch at MC Donnalds.

 Most reliable flying machine, and uses renewable energy too.