October 12, 2010 – DC day 2

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October 12, 2010 – DC day 2 – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box

The Washington Monument at sunrise, really quite stunning and what a walk! We walked from the white house to the Washington Monument, the WW2 Memorial, Lincoln Monument, to the American History Museum, and The Natural History Museum. I was so tired that I amused the Security guard who asked me where I was when I entered the elevator and I told him the “American History Museum”. We had just left the mineral exhibit in the “Natural History Museum” the laps in memory, must have been my feminine side coming out. (Speaking of coming out, it is now legal to be openly gay in the Military, the Don’t ask Don’t tell policy banned until further notice.) I guess it could be useful to know who is gay if your in the military, one would know who to or who not to shower with!  Oh, yeah we are touring Washington DC. Since the tour company we are using is useless for everything except the courtesy shuttle to and from our campground, we walked between the monuments to save time, and we saw more of the National Mall than we would from the bus, but we are physically and mentally exhausted. Tomorrow will be better as the temperatures will drop from the 90′s to the low 70′s.
While in the museums we learned that the universe and our world did actually materialize from nothing! Well almost nothing but heat, cooling, neutrons, protons and electrons that formed different elements as their temperatures changed. The neutron cooled and got very close to an electron created hydrogen that burned creating oxygen resulting in a star. The star exploded, the explosion created water which became rain and stuff until we got an earth, ocean, and atmosphere. Some time later life came and then there were fish, then lobster like critters crawled out of the ocean and evolved to animals which became dinosaurs that laid eggs that hatched into Chickens. (Now we know what came first, the chicken or the egg.)  I should have taken a picture of this nonsense, I hope the creation museum can do better in explaining the origin of the species. The intellectuals in  government can’t do it no matter how the try. I am still not convinced, even after two days of studying the earth and the cosmos at the Smithsonian.
Good evening and good night

 The White House. We could get no closer, the police, military and paramedics had it blocked off.

 The First Lady of 2012

 Red Cross building honoring the Women of the Civil War

 Unified States Building

 A big rock in the middle of the National Mall! Took a while to walk around it to get to the Lincoln Memorial.

 World War 2 Memorial in the way of the Lincoln Monument

 The reflecting pool and the Lincoln Monument

 Lincoln carved in stone. He is Huge at 14′

 Our family and some extras in front of the chair

 Gettysburg address carved in stone

 The Print is small, but if one can read it, he would conclude Lincoln was solid believer in God, and the Union was doing Gods bidding.

Thi s is an Insult to George Washington and America in my opinion, and many agreed with me. A toga? Whats with the Togas? Was this the same artist that did the statue of Ben Franklin in Philadelphia?

 Plaque describing the Statue and its purpose

 These dinosaurs need a little meat on their bones. The displays are fake, the originals are in storage.

The African Sarari exhibit in the Museum of Natural History. The exhibit in Cabelas near Allentown PA, is much more complete and realistic. Sorry Smithsonian, Cabela’s kicked your butt.

 This diamond is about an 1″ square, everyone including me was surprised at just how small the Hope Diamond is. The Pink Panther movie really exaggerates its size.

 We begin American History

 First women driven car across America before roads. Was an Advertising stunt.

 Portland Oregon gets large portion of the Automobile section of the Smithsonian

 Picture of Sandy Blvd

 Portland noted for the first high pressure slimy Car Salesman. It was so successful, sliminess was made into a national salesman requirement

 Cars promoted in the Portland market

 One of the many Oregon registered cars on display

 DC police cars on flatbed trucks in the National mall! What the? So I did my duty and walked around the semis to investigate. At first I thought that budget cuts forced DC to stop making their car payments and they were being repossessed, I saw lots of poor police officers on foot, and they looked grumpy, lending credence to the repossession theory.  On closer inspection, I saw the cars were a bit beat up, one had been rolled and was missing its back window. I walked to the back of the truck and saw that all the license plates were Illinois with USCP metro police painted on the sides. That’s weird! Then I discovered that we were in the set for the Transformers 3 movie. This is the second time we joined their set, the last time was in Chicago.  The transformers appear to be following us around! Last night a DC patrol vehicle accidentally entered the set and was hit broad sided by the lead car in the movie. I think everyone survived, but the movie car was destroyed.