October 13, 2010 – Spies Delivering mail by stage

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October 13, 2010 – Spies Delivering mail by stage


Not heavily visited, but a must see is the Smithsonian Post Office Museum, We learn how the post service was started, Unified the nation and developed into the system we know today. We also visited the Spy museum a few blocks from Ford’s Theater. The spy museum is great for kids and the kids at heart, but mixes in a lot of great history from Moses and the Israelites to current PC espionage. That is quite the time period to cover in one building. Sarah liked the gift shop, she said it was the best one of our trip. We also toured the city by bus and saw several aspects of the town, some areas are very pretty and other areas are not.


Fords Theater, Not much to look at, but very important none the less.

The International Spy museum. They forbid cameras in the building, so we took no pictures here.

Some Cathedral, finished a couple years ago, construction started many decades ago.

Bridge over the Potomac river. Closer photos of the statues would require an at least an “R” rating. This is a family web site.

The Potomac river. Looks like it must be shallow here as the bridges are not built for ship traffic.

First monument as we cross into Virgina

Arlington National Cemetery. Did not go in as we went to the spy museum instead. Vote 3-1, I lost.

The FBI building. Nerdy looking building!

Interesting building

Next few pictures are businesses and homes of the middle class DC resident

Since I am a middle class person, I will choose to live some place other than the big city. This lifestyle is not me.