October 7, 2010 – a girls dream (Shopping!!)

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October 7, 2010 – a girls dream (Shopping!!)

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Today we got our mail and sent out some mail, bought the girls more laundry, got some locks for the hitches on the RV, locks for bikes (Set the old ones up wrong, and drug them across pa.), and went out for supper at Millers Smorgasbord. Supper was what I looked forward to the most, but the price was well “remarkably high”, but  the food was only good. We saw some ultra contemporary quilts made by the Amish, though really awesome in their design, they were ultra modern and not really what most quilt lovers would think of.  Well to say the least, the day was pleasant, if not tiring, but we got a lot done. Not much else to say but..

10072010 – Washington Crossing – Fort Mifflin – Valley Forge (Why did he not use the bridge? It was just afew feet to the south.)

 Washington Crossing

Standing where Washington Crossed the Delaware

 There was a good one lane bridge just feet down stream.

 Back to Philadelphia to see Fort Mifflin

 Fort Mifflin over look

 Come on we don’t have all day.

 The fort is a noisy place to be. No fly zone? Nah..

 Enlisted mans quarters buried in the walls

 Officers Quarters – In battle I would rather be enlisted!

 Looking down torpedo hole. We did not see anything

 Blacksmith house


 Wonder if there was a gang fight – we found a casing!

 The ships that bombed Mifflin to death

 We arrive at Valley Forge

 The Visitor center

 Washington Orders troops to church

 Washington warms their souls as well.

 Enlisted men quarters

 Washington’s quarters

 Valley Forge Monument

 Visitors of another kind.

 Scary (Drivers ed film?) Amish cart in dark on hwy!

Good Evening and Good Night