A Relic

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Reliceb71January 2, 1011 – A Relic or “What’s this?” – Rolling Shoe Box 

And does it give me money if I push this lever?  I guess there are not too many pay phones left, and kids are becoming less acquainted with tethered communications devices. It is not even worth discussing the merits of a phone booth, they just look at you with the look of a dial tone.  Today we decided to head to the beach and catch some sun, but when we got to the beach we found the sun was on holiday. Probably went south for the winter! The sand is 100% ground sea shells, course shells away from the water and fine as powder at the waters edge, and the ground made a slight crunching sound as we walked along the shore.  We saw a young man attempt to ride a Segway on the beach. His demonstration of its handling convinced us that riding these things and making a hard right in sand can cause a rather interesting and un – artful sort of ballet as his body played twister with the two wheeled device. Upon checking with him, he did however seem to be in better condition than the creator of these wonderful devices who was killed after the accident he had last fall involving a cliff. I have no pictures of this accident, as I believe it is rude to photograph pain and humiliation. After the Segway demonstration, Athena and the girls built a sea turtle of sand, and walked into the gulf. All this of course was more day than I can handle, so no more to say other than we head up the coast about 125 miles in the morning on our slothful migration to the west.

Have a Good Evening and Good Night….


Defunct “Desoto Mall” about the size of Lancaster in Salem, Or.

 Large tree on in the Parking lot of Holmes Beach

 Land meets sand

 The beach, very foggy and 70 degrees

 Holly needs a ride to Mexico, so they create a sea turtle

 Our creations skills are less than perfect, so Holly walks..