About all that happened was the tulips bloomed

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posteb71 February 16, 2011 – About all that happened was the tulips bloomed – Rolling Shoe Box 

Really God and Holly had the most success today. Holly completed three major exams, physical science and math, and something else. Sarah spent her day writing while Athena kept law and order. God’s great success was the tulips, they are so pretty. My battle of the day was to take the RV over to the waste station and dump the poop tank. Things did not go as well as normal and the sewer hose tried to fly much like the garden hose does when turned on under pressure. Now I am wet! Turns out the dump station has a minor design flaw, and rock setting next to the reception was there for a reason. The rock holds the sewer hose in the pipe.  All I can Say is Sh@@! So we hosed off my feet and everything around us. All is now good, and next time I’ll use the rock. :)

Good evening and good night…