Animal Kingdom

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pain5170 December 16, 2010 – Animal Kingdom – Rolling Shoe Box 

We started our tour of the animal kingdom by gently climbing mount Everest looking for a Yetti. We found one, then headed back down the mountain rather rapidly backwards. Athena has no recollection of any of this as she closed her eyes during the entire trip. She does however have an intense amount of muscle pain. She has sworn off roller coasters, I think she would do better if she would open her eyes and enjoy the scenery. :) We then rode an inter-tube on a wet river ride, and got wet! Things mellowed from there though and the girls gave us old people a break, and let us look at the zoo which was much easier on the body. The last and most destructive thing we did to our biddies was reward them with ice cream on the way out. YUM! So today was a good but exhausting day; and the weather is back in the 70′s which is much more agreeable. Another positive note is we have finished seeing all the Disney World Parks and we get to rest for a while. So we head off to Orlando Thousand trails in the morning.  Good bye Disney!

Good Evening and Good Night…


 Tiger food

 We get kick boxing lessons

 Found a dinosaur

 We did not know dinosaurs are mammals!

 That is OK though, we have ice cream

Our neighbor is trying to land planes!