Another work day, home repair 101

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25170March 25, 2011 – Another work day, home repair 101 – Rolling Shoe Box 

The door latch quit working, so we had to remove it and grease it, and that was only the tip of the day. Athena wandered into the club house today, there was a lady from Mollalla Oregon selling “bullet polish” though we had no bullets; she bought some, since it is made in Pendleton Oregon. We are soft when it comes to locally made products. The polish is actually a waterless cleaner (Has water in it, but does not require extra water) for cleaning the outside of a car or RV. Athena cleaned the wheels, the windows, the microwave and refrigerator door, and any other surface she could access with it, and she seems very tired now, but happy. The cleaner removes finger prints and helps keep them off, since we have kids, that made it worth the cost. Since some people like to see all the Thousand Trails member parks we have visited, the pictures can be found here: All this was a lot of work, so we again call it a day and polish off some Rocky Road Ice Cream :)

Good evening and good night… Y’all!