Athena Creates a Facebook profile, but the day is not entirely bad

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January 4, 2011 – Athena Creates a Facebook profile, but the day is not entirely bad. – Rolling Shoe Box 

In this picture, Athena caves and creates a profile, now she has a hundred emails. :) I still have not given into the dark side and yielded my sole to the Wiki Leaks Sympathizer who believes all knowledge should be public even if it borders on Treason.  Then again maybe Face book is the Homeland Security version of the old Hoover Administrations system where the FBI spied on all Americans looking for closet Commies. Since the Face Book founder agrees with Wiki Leaks, and shares all information with the highest bidder, I’ll leave the site to the evil corporate empire for another day. After all it is just another corporate and government conspiracy to steal everything we know about our selves. While looking at business management, government, and the legal system today I discovered that I am the smartest man in the World. If I posted my information of Face Book they still would not get much even if they new everything about me, as even I am too shallow to make it pay. Notice that I said I am the smartest man in the World not the smartest person in the world, not because I am sexiest, but because I knew some woman would contest my intelligence if I included the female gender. Well after these whirled thoughts were completed, the kids were done with school, and Athena was done selling her sole to face book, we went to the beach. This was the first beach we had been to where the sand was just freshly dumped on the shore for our enjoyment. Yup, they have to build the beaches here and buy sand, then pay someone to deliver it and rake it smooth. I guess after that much expense, it is no wonder animals are not allowed on the beach. Every day brings a first in the weird, I always thought beaches were for walking dogs. After the Beach, we used some money we received for Christmas and took me out to supper at the Outback Restaurant, I gorged my self on 16oz prime rib, garlic mashed potatoes, and potato soup. Supper was good, but I don’t feel so good… Tomorrow I will post pictures of Crystal Island campground and the beach.

Have a good evening and a good night…