Bahia Honda Key State Park

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Sarah5170 December 8, 2010 – Bahia Honda Key State Park – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box 

Billed in the literature as a world class beach. Either the author has never been off the key, or I simply do not not understand the meaning of “world Class”. The beach is about 1/4 mile long, used to be about 100′ wide, but is now planted in grass and is illegal to walk on all but 25′ of the width. We found a 100′ wide spot here for the picture. This state park is the most expensive one we have found in Florida so far at $10.00 for the entry fee. Holly likes the one in Key west at fort Zachary Taylor, and it was cheaper as well. Holly was not feeling well today and protested being at the beach, so we did not spend much time there today. All that being said, the water is fascinatingly clear. We were planning to rent kayak and go on a snorkel adventure, but the weather was only 70 degrees and snorkeling and kayaks were closed as a result of the cold weather.  We went grocery shopping at Winn Dixie and the prices could stop a mans heart. First time I have ever seen half gallon of Breyers Ice cream for $7.00. We let them keep the ice cream.Good Evening and Good Night..

View of Bahia Honda Key from Flaglers rail road bridge

 View of the Florida bay beach

Stumbled upon a couple scary dragons that are running lose on the island. I shrunk them so to protect my family. No idea what one would call them now. They look happy, and less threatening though.

 Holly and wife enjoy stinky beach

 Sarah draws a line in the sand. This concludes another cold day