Blue Ridge Parkway to The Natural Bridge

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// October 23, 2010 – Blue Ridge Parkway to The Natural Bridge – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box //

Took a trip through the Appalachian Mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway on our way to The Natural Bridge in this picture. The Natural Bridge is privately owned and as normal cost an arm and a leg to see. The odd thing is they are very religious and do not mind showing religious expression. They had a neat wax museum exhibit of the garden of Eden, and of the last supper. The Natural bridge is the arch way in this photo, they shine lights on it while listing the events of the 7 day creation story, and play nice music in the background. The music is incredible while in the bridge, as it sounds like a cathedral. many people were unimpressed with the religious nature, but many more left due to boredom 30 minutes into the program. If one can appreciate natural beauty of Gods creation, and enjoys beautiful music, this is a wonderful place to visit. Young people need more action to stay entertained though.

Have a Good Evening and a Good Night….

10232010 – Off to Natural Bridge via Blue Ridge Parkway – Family of 4 in a Rolling Shoe Box

The Blue Ridge Parkway

 Natural Bridge Wax Museum

 We found a bear, the man won and got to keep lunch

 South still thinks they won. I won’t tell them.

 Our Last Supper

 Natural Bridge

 Natural Bridge at night