Budget day

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Wife5170 December 28, 2010 – Budget day – Rolling Shoe Box 

Athena working hard on the budget, the kids are in the game room, and I sleep. Too cold to really do much out side, and my cold gets more fierce by the day. Athena thinks since in has been going on since fall it is probably allergies and is probably the cat. Holly’s makeup caused me a great sinus tempest yesterday. Hopefully it will warm up so we get back out side.  There were two squirrels who must have been interested in our fiances as as well, as they stayed and looked in on Athena all afternoon from a tree just out the window. The squirrels were camera shy though, so there is no pictorial proof of our observers. Sarah bought neon fishy crackers, we told her we thought that they were weird, but she assured us the package said they had a “moderately normal”  flavor. Moderately normal I guess is fine if your 10.

Good evening and good night..