Christmas Eve

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ChristmasEve5170December 24, 2010 – Christmas Eve – Rolling Shoe Box 

We spent the day visiting with people from all over the country and some from other places. This evening was spent with people at the park here for a Christmas Eve Candlelight communion service where a nice man served grape juice, square pieces of paper colored bread, and sang songs for everyone. He was pretty cool, had a rough day so did not get to plan the service for us and had to wing it, when he screwed up, he laughed and tried again. I loved the honesty and the genuineness of his service. It is nice that Thousand Trails provides a place of worship at their parks. Tomorrow they plan to baptize a young girl in the river that the alligator lives in. They are braver than I am, I was baptized in a river, but the only thing in it was trout. Her baptism certainly requires greater bravery than mine.  I just looked down, and it looks like my clothes enjoyed the candlelight service, I am covered in wax from head to toe. Hopefully it comes out in the wash; or Walmart will get a another $10.00. Again not much to share, except from the fact that the Floridians are complaining about the cold, and there are a lot more Christians on this planet than the news leads one to believe. 300 sites are occupied, and I think a 100 people were celebrating the service with us, and many more that were not at the service today were sharing their faith with one another. What a great holiday when the mall is no longer involved.

Good Evening and Good Night…

Kids head to the Christmas tree early in the day

 We do presents, sorry Holly is blurry, could not get the flash to work and I keep nursing this camera along because I am too cheap to replace it. Just complain about it instead. 🙂

 The kids have an interesting expression, I must have missed something.

 Sarah like to swim fast, and she is getting good at it.

Girl next door gives her life to Christ in Peace river on Christmas day. What an awesome thing to do.

 Her dad is a pastor and gets the honor. Makes me feel so good for him. He had another paster as whitness, and to offer prayer. No idea if this is a requirement to make it official; or was just a neighborly thing. It wonderful when a person commits their their life to Christ; no matter what the ceremony requirement may be.

 An unlucky dinner guest to our Christmas dinner. I know I cooked it strangely, but for an RV  microwave it is not too bad. Taste good too.

 Well the sunset is marking the end of another Christmas, and Sabbath day in the honor of our Lord.