Christmas Trees Hunting

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November 30, 2010 – Christmas Trees Hunting – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box 

Hardly seem right to be looking for a Christmas tree with all the flowers in full bloom. We saw tomatoes starts, and many other vegetables for gardens. If one likes to garden he should live in Florida November to April, then in the Northwest April to September, Garden season would then be permanent. Well after looking at all the flowers and garden starts, we got down to business and got a rosemary bush for a tree, they had some live fir trees, but they can’t tolerate temperatures below 45 degrees. Who knew some evergreens need warm weather. After shopping we waited in line for just over an hour to mail out the Christmas gifts. Finally after a hard days work, we went swimming, hot tubing, finished the day off watching fireworks from the boat dock, Bible study, and now we are dead and should sleep.
We posted some new pictures.

Good Evening and Good Night…  and pray God watches over USPS they need more guardian angels than most.


 Sarah is looking for something under the RV

 Hmm, Lots of spring flora in Lowes

 Pretty Poinsettias

 Athena and Holly select a Rosemary tree for Christmas

We relax after a hard day of Christmas tree hunting. If only it would cool off a bit so we could sleep.