Daytona Beach

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TodaysGroup5170 November 28, 2010 – Daytona Beach – Rolling Shoe Box 

Had a full car today, Holly brought a new friend with us on tour. He is another teen trapped on the road, so now she has someone to share her vacation lamentations with for now. As a group we drove down to Daytona beach where it was rather warm, partly cloudy and light colored sand which we had to park on. There was a small toll booth, you pay $5.00 then park on the beach. I guess it saves on concrete for parking lots, and our car did not seem to mind being on the sand as it was not soft enough to get stuck in. The ocean was flat, 1 to 2′ waves on average. There were lots of people with their shirts off, mostly men who should have left them on. Some ladies who had swim suits that were short on material. The skimpy swim suits might be a sign of cloth shortage; they must not have been able to afford much more than strings to cover up with.  I would hate to be one of those ladies and have to explain the sunburn. Holly and her friend Austin politely walked on the beach with us and seemed to enjoy the beach. Sarah did her tumbling, building sand huts, and wandering into the water. The water was clear like drinking water, so Athena and Sarah were very fascinated by its clarity, and I am curious as to why it is so clear. We saw the Daytona 500 international speedway but did not stop in as the beach was the order of the day. Not much more to say…
Pictures and Notes

Have a good evening and a good night…

 Daytona Beach

 The Birds

 Atlantic Ocean flat seas

 Hot weather causes old men to remove shirts :{

 Sarah sees the beach from another view point

 Sarah says water is clear, rather cool

 Sarah builds a sand thing

This isn’t workin’ it is money for nuttin’ and watchin’ chicks for pay! HMM! future in law enforcement?

 It is colder in Utah than Florida, but what an awesome car!