Diamond Caverns Thousand Trails Ky

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October 25, 2010 – Arrive Diamond Caverns Thousand Trails Ky. – Rolling Shoe Box 

Long drive today from Sevierville Tn to Diamond Caverns near Bowling Green KY. Traveled the whole distance via freeway as the weather was windy and we like the wider lanes. Freeway speed limit is 70MPH, but our car can only be towed 65, and I-40 took us through some steep mountain passes where we just could not get up to 50 let alone 70. So we kept the speeds down on the freeways saving the highway patrol a great deal of effort in reducing speeds on the interstate today.  Holly and Sarah were doing their schooling, Sarah’s history class covered fort Ticonderoga, the Continental Congress, and Valley Forge which due to our just leaving those places was quite interesting to her. Our home repairs are a little interesting, we have to see if the hide – a – bed is under warranty the entire frame was shattered when I found it this morning. Holly will have to sleep on the couch until we can find a repair facility or replacement. The drawer rails under the oven shot out all the bearings when Athena opened  the drawer to get a pan out to make lunch today. Seems there is never a dull moment, maybe we will get handy with some tools yet.
Have a Good Evening and a Good Night

PS: Holly had an interesting question. “I hate fried chicken! Why are we in Kentucky?”

10252010 – Diamond Cavern Thousand Trails – Family of 4 in a Rolling Shoe Box

 The girls check out the campground facilities