Drive 6 hours to build a campfire

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Campfire5170January 6, 2011 – Drive 6 hours to build a campfire – Rolling Shoe Box 

it was nice, and the wood boiled nicely until we ran out of lighter fluid. For a short time the fire burned on its own with a neon green flame that kept going out as the liquid in the wood reached the surface. I thought it may be Martian smoke signals, but I feel sorry for the stranded Martian. Once the quart of fluid was finally used up, we went in and enjoyed some cake in front of the heater. :) Not as pretty as a fire, but a good second best. We again had an uneventful drive, but it was 290 miles from Crystal Island Park in Crystal River to Torreya State Park just west of Tallahassee. We had the cruise pegged at 62 most of the way, we saw several cars pass us three or more times, while we never saw us pass them, they kept going by us at 70 to 80 mph, but we all got to Tallahassee at the same time. How they kept getting behind us, we will never know. Fortunately for everyone, this is it for today, not enough bandwidth here to work on the blog much.Have a good evening and a good night…