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post5170 December 15, 2010 – Epcot – Rolling Shoe Box

  Tour the world in a day! First we rode a tram car through the inside of this great big golf ball. The tram tripped through a series of shadow boxes depicting periods of time where new technology was introduced and how it changed civilization from the time of writing on cave wall until now. We found that paper was more portable than cave walls and thus more useful, and everything took off from there.  We then walked to Mexico and took a boat ride through the rain Forrest, a short walk further we took a ride in a Norwegian sailing ship, Saw a Chinese pagoda, walked to Japan and bought some chopsticks, had lunch in colonial America, and an ice cream cone in France. We then flew over California. After returning from California, we had supper in Mexico, then took a stroll to China for an Awesome fireworks presentation. Now we are flat exhausted from all this traveling so we are going to bed..
Have a good evening and a good night…

Colonial America across the big pond

 We are in China

 Now we are in Morocco

 We see a pretty water fountain

Now we no longer see a pretty water fountain, it blew up.

 This Epcot is a weird place. 🙂