Fort Sumter

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November 12, 2010 – Fort Sumter – Rolling Shoe Box

  Cannon designed to protect the Charleston harbor, or prevent maritime use, depending upon who had possession of the cannon and when. Fort Sumter was being built to defend against hostile Navy’s and Pirates, but its first use was surprising. Thirty years in the making, the fort was built from material hauled in to form its island. Just as the fort was nearing completion the Northern States and Southern States had some disagreements involving economics, and labor. Nearing completion General Anderson hoisted the United States (Or Union flag) over the fort, the flag was giant and could be seen from all the neighboring communities. This only heated tensions, and eventually the people of Charleston asked Mr. Anderson to collect his bags, his minions, and hit the road. Anderson said he would not leave until orders came down requesting he leave. Aderson’s former student aid Mr. Bulregard was summoned by the confederacy and asked to talk General Anderson into leaving the fort. Bulregard was given the rank of General as a reward for speaking with Anderson. Needless to say the talks were unsuccessful, and the South decided to send General Anderson a more understandable message, and began a massive cannon attack on the fort from all sides. The fort stood the shells with no trouble until the south got bored of shooting balls of iron into bricks that only chipped off, and turned to a more formidable form of munition.   They heated the cannon balls until red hot, then rained these great balls of fire down on the officers quarters that were made of wood, and located on top of the powder rooms. (I don’t mean the bathrooms.) The fort went up in flames and was rendered useless. General Anderson Surrendered the fort with no casualties and went on his way. The confederates now owned the fort until they abandoned it when they heard General Sherman was coming up from the south burning everything in his path and they left to defend Charleston. They lost the fort when they left, and to make matters worse, the union troops were actually headed to Columbia. The fort was later used in the Spanish American war, the war on Piracy and World War one. In 1948 it became a national park. What I think is odd, is that in WW1, they did not repair the fort, they only added an incredibly ugly concrete battery in the center.

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11122010 – Fort Sumpter

 Hwy 17 over Charleston Harbor

 Athena and Holly study Fort Sumter on the boat trip

 Time for a snack

 Fort Sumpter lies ahead. It is small!

 Six Flags Over Fort Sumpter

 The remains of Fort Sumter from the upper battery

 Cylinder is a cannon shell

 Athena and Sarah stand in case mate destroyed by cannon shell

 Last remaining case mate

 We head home.