From the Awesome to the less than Tacky!

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March 18, 2011 – From the Awesome to the less than Tacky! – Rolling Shoe Box

This museum in Roswell could not rate as high as tacky, even for a Sci – Fi fan! Poor organization, poor quality exhibits, it had a story, but we could not read it. We are glad we made the trip though, we are satisfied that there is nothing in Roswell except rumors of aliens, a growing population, and lots of help wanted signs. You heard it right, this desolate town in the middle of no place, is growing, and is hiring.

The Awesome; The Carlsbad Caverns, no where near us at the Carlsbad KOA which is a full 50 hard miles away. Turns out the best place to RV camp is a camp ground at the entrance to Carlsbad Caverns National Park in Whitecity New Mexico. Who knew! I guess we got more of the New Mexico tour in this way, we get to see it all again, because we are going to Las Cruces tomorrow and to get there we have to drive through Whitecity. Remember, staying in an RV to see Carlsbad Caverns is done in Whitecity! The city of Carlsbad is not located near Carlsbad Caverns! Any Questions Darin?

The Caverns are unlike anything we ever saw due to their sheer size, one could place a good size shopping mall in what they call the big room, but it would be hard to see are the cool formations had they done that. Unlike other caves across the USA, these caves are lit with electric lights that highlight all the cool stuff. Diamond caves In Kentucky uses lights and has cool things, but is very small, much more expensive, and I could not get into them due to the long steep stairs. These caves are 800′ feet down, but int only takes a minute to get in as they are serviced by elevators. Technology is great!. These caves though require reservations to see anything other than the great room, and today there were long lines for the elevators, two are being serviced, only 8 can fit in each of the two remaining elevators, at three minutes per run, and 1000 people; you do the math! Plan a day just for the caves. Well I am as tired of writing as your are of reading so…

Good Evening and Good Night….