George Washington’s Last home -Mount Vernon

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// October 15, 2010 – Mount Vernon (Alexandria Virginia) – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box //

Today we visited Mount Vernon, good thing the RV park staff knew where it was, neither the Garmin nor the Magellen GPS had heard of Mount Vernon or Alexandria. (Weird). I have achieved a major head cold and sore throat today, so not feeling up to much. While doing blog, Athena discovered a water leak in the RV here, so I will not be writing much tonight, I will be looking for the source of the water, last time the water destroyed our whole rig and we lost the entire investment. Water is not a matter to be trifled with. We plan to write blog from Williamsburg Virgina next.
Have a good evening and a good night…

(Leak found, fitting on hot water tank corroded, but was able to be repaired with spare parts on hand, and space heater is drying the area out.)


George Washington’s House, Washington died here of a cold.

  George Washington’s sports car

  George Washington’s family car

  George Washington’s Business

  George Washington’s harbor

  George Washington’s Slave Quarters

  George Washington’s Tomb

  George Washington’s Stink bug. We plan to return it to him.