Go To Church and Swim

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November 20, 2010 – Church and hang in the park – Rolling Shoe Box 

   I got up and took a few pictures at sunrise before church, hoping to find a crocodile or alligator, I guess it was too cold for them. The pond was pretty though so I thought I would share the picture. I have a few more under pictures and notes. We looked up the nearest Adventist church on the sda web site and it showed up as being 17 miles away. Turned out it was 47 miles and took 1.5 hours to get there because someone launched their car into the air and smashed several others during the landing process. Needless to say, the freeway was a mess and the highway patrol had their work cut out for them. The good thing is the church had 3 services, 8:45, 10, and 11:30am, we got there just after 11:30am. The church has 3600 members, but the building is too small, only holds about 900 at a time. They have about ten acres where earth moving equipment has been busy, so hopefully they are putting in a bigger church building. I heard someone say that it is just a new parking lot, which they did the whole service today as a fund raiser for. The service was nice though, it was about king Josiah and how he was rebuilding the kingdom to worship God. The sermon was done as a mini play with a young boy as king. The toddlers collected the offering with a bit of help from the deacons. We got back to the RV in about an hour, the girls swam in the pool, I ate some fudge, and watched Athena talk to her Mom. Well, that is an end to a rather chili 70 degree day.

11202010 – Go church – Swim – Family of 4 in a Rolling Shoe Box

Sunrise at the alligator pond here in the park. I looked for alligators, but must have had the wrong bait.

 We went to church, 3600 members over three services. Most all buildings are this color.

Kissimmee Florida Adventist Church
Forrest Lake Seventh Day Adventist Church
 Orland TT kids pool  Family Pool Orlando Thousand Trails

 Sarah 100% enjoying the pool

Good evening and good night