Gone Shopping

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Mall1fdf February 17, 2011 – Gone Shopping – Rolling Shoe Box 

The mall looks like a college campus, no indoor area, but lots of huge brick building scattered about with shops in them and parking spaces out front of each store. We get the idea that Texans are not much in to walking and are car dependent. :) The mall was pretty, and the town of Garland had most of the stores we needed. We blew a wad of cash at “Mardell’s” a christian educational supply store. (One of the best christian stores for selection we have had the privilege of shopping at.). On to Lowes where we bought a bunch of junk for the RV, which I have already forgotten. Maybe if I forget long enough the projects will go away on their own. We got back here to camp, Athena and Sarah waxed the second half of the RV. They tried to get Holly to help, but she was not willing to work at all today, she had better ideas. I worked on the Even Brake for the car, trying to get the error code to clear from when it went haywire in San Antonio. The Even brake was no more cooperative than Holly, at least I can legally send the Even brake back to its manufacturer. Tomorrow, we go visiting with Nick and Joan. When Joan called, to invite us over, I thought she was another fake medical bill collector at first as the person on the other end is rarely some one how actually knows us. It took a few second to realize who was calling, after her identity was cleared up, the call was much more pleasant. :)

Have a good evening and a good night….