Headed to Verde Valley (70 miles north of Phoenix)

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March 23, 2011 – Headed to Verde Valley (70 miles north of Phoenix) – Rolling Shoe Box

The police were working the freeways hard, think maybe it is a fund raiser to repair the freeways, and they need it. After about 6 hours of hard driven, we arrived in Cottonwood Arizona which meant we over shot the campground by 3 miles. They did not place any signs out front like we are used to seeing, and the highway sign marked the distance off the road, rather than the distance to turn off. So fortunately Walmart had a place to turn around. We are happily settled in now, we have a little grass in our site, but the RV’s are parked in tight, usually the parks we inhabit leave more space between the RV’s, but maybe land is more expensive as we move west in the southern states. Well that is about all we have to say today, just tired from a long drive.

Have a good evening and a good night….

Rolling Shoe Box – USA Tour – Tombstone to Verde Valley

Get ready to drive


Yup the car is ready


She programs our route using quadratic equations3 I think she made a mistake, we are in some kind of forked forrest6She leads us through a Tuscon
4 Sandy7 Large river8 She leads us through the valley of the shadow of a Phoenix. 9

The dark forest10

Climbing a hill so steep, that it could be leading to Heaven on I-17

11 This is ominous12 Colorful rocks13What goes up must come down
14 Snow capped mountains15

16 Our new home, We have grass! It has been a long time since we have have grass.17 View from our park18 Sarah walking in the game room by the pool19Patio in front of the pool
20 The pool21 Camp views22 23 24

Rolling Shoe Box – USA Tour – Tombstone to Verde Valley