Holly gets a new laptop

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November 23, 2010 – Holly gets a new laptop – Rolling Shoe Box

After much frustration, Holly’s Compaq laptop after only 6 months use, is given up for dead. After much research, and trying to find a way to get out of replacing her laptop, we elect to pickup a Gateway Laptop from best buy. The cows printed on the box, were the feature that won us over to Gateway.  Holly is now configuring her new computer. We sure hope it knows how to do her school work.
On the way out the door, Holly crept up on our resident turtle and knocked on his shell.  The turtle was not very social, he pulled his head in his shell and began hissing at her. I did not hear him, so asked her if he hissed like a snake, or more like a cat, she said “Like a turtle!”. Well, here we have it from the expert, turtles hiss like turtles.
On to the out door mall, not like any other mall, but a mega out door mall with brick roads, round a bouts, and grand facades. Sarah was so impressed that she hoped there would be a hotel in the mall as she could easily shop for a week.Good evening and good night…