House guests that we actually wanted

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March 6, 2011 – House guests that we actually wanted – Rolling Shoe Box

but we are sad that we forgot to take pictures of them. Nick, Joan, Lindsey & Landon came to see us today. They drove about 3 hours from Mesquite. Lindsey & Landon were rather quiet, but seem like very nice kids, Landon is 10, so it was probably hard to get stuck having to play with two girls. We like having boys around here that are at the age where girls are well weird. Holly says they are good at basketball, but then if I remember right so is Athena. Nick and Joan were tired as they had to go events all over the place the last few days, but all the events were fun. They got to see an RV for the first time, and were glad to know they are not all like the one on “The National Lampoons Christmas Vacation”. :) I was thinking though of getting a flannel shirt, and one of those orange hats with the built in ear covers, their all the rage in the backwoods of Tennessee you know. Oh, one last thing, Landon wants everyone in the Northwest to know, kids do not ride horses to school, they have buses and cars in Texas too. He gets this question from outsiders all too often. Just for all you city slickers in the Northeast, Most Oregonians do not ride horses to school, rope cows and have shoot outs in corrals, and the only scalping Indians get away with occurs in the casinos.

Good evening and good night….