How did this town get the name “Tombstone”

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March 21, 2011 – How did this town get the name “Tombstone” – Rolling Shoe Box

No, not because of women drivers! What kind of person would even think such a thing! That only played a small part at best. The reason Tombstone Arizona got its name was because some crazy fool (Much like me) who was told wondering off into the dessert would only lead him to his own tombstone. He thought there might be silver in them there hills and set out to prove himself right; and he was. The guy discovered the mother load! Every man and his dog of course followed shortly behind, looking to get there stake in the new found riches.  The story got round about this fellows doubters and the tombstone comment, so in jest, the town was named Tombstone. Surprised me, I thought it was a name given the town by the local tourism industry to encourage western movie makers to use the town, and promote the incident at the OK corral. The OK corral shootout is minor stuff compared to what goes on in NE Portland every day, but in 1881, the Wild West was much more tame, and the shots from local gang shootings rang around the country.

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