Hunting State Park SC

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November 13, 2010 – Hunting Head State Park – Rolling Shoe Box 

  Athena and the girls check out this strange island. Looks just like Gilligan’s Island except there are no hills. Beautiful beach lined with palmetto trees and other strange plants. The sun was out and it was just shy of 80 degrees, could not ask for better weather. We needed a little shade at times. In the brush behind us one really did not want to be. The bushes contain alligators, diamond back rattle snakes, and something called a coral snake, none of witch I would want to come in contact with.  This state park was expensive compared to the one in Columbia, setting us back $20.00 for our two hour visit. One thing we miss about Oregon, is the ability to pay nothing to visit the beaches. The beaches here so far have all been public with a fee, or private. The fees would keep the local from being beach bums for sure.

Have a good evening and a good night

Odd sights on the beach.

 Were not in Oregon any more