I always thought my kids were full of energy

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PoolArea5170January 3, 2011 – I always thought my kids were full of energy – Rolling Shoe Box 

but I learned the true definition of energy from Sarahs’ 5th grade science class today.  “A unit of energy is the measurement of somethings ability to do work” Given that definition, my kids have no energy, and this can be proven by just asking them to do something that is considered work. What ever it is that causes them to bounce and play, must not yet be defined. One thing they do know how to to well, is absorb sun shine and love Florida, Holly is a master of the lounge chair. :)
We drove 4 hours up Highway 17 to Highway 98 and over to 19; from Zolfo Springs Florida to Crystal River Florida. The distance was 126 miles, 50 miles were spent on the freeway, the balance of the time and miles were spent driving on the local highways. A few towns and bunch of traffic lights make the drive across America very time consuming, but we do see what all the little towns look like. I was completely exhausted after getting to Crystal River, sure glad we get a three day break and it was not a 250 mile run like we do some days. Oh, in Florida gas can still be purchased under $3.00 a gallon. I see Oregon says the average there is $3.05 after a six cent gas tax that went into effect on the first; putting them on par with the national average. Oregon must have just looked at California when doing their national comparison. The Oregon state Government said California is expensive, they have lots of tax, and they are a nation, that makes them a national average, let use it. Every day I read the business news, I begin to understand why Texas is among the fastest growing states, and why states like Oregon have such a high unemployment rate.  Well it will not be long and we will wonder into Texas and see if the land is hospitable to man kind, or if being business and tax friendly is its big drawl. As one can tell, it was another long uneventful day; so not much to share today.Have a good evening and a good night..