I feel like a second class citizen

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January 7, 2011 – I feel like a second class citizen – Rolling Shoe Box

  because I have to have an address, disclose my gender, birthday, and even my weight on my drivers license. Being an old transient hermit who is very concerned about his weight being slightly outside of normal, I should be allowed to leave all that information blank. Disclosing this information makes me feel very uncomfortable in my own country. There are more people like me in America than people who have two mothers or two fathers, and now they do not have to reference a mother and father! Now really I am being able to understand where my depression comes from, it originates at the federal state and local levels it seems. Can’t believe these articles: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/01/07/passport-applications-soon-gender-neutral/ Due to technology we may not have both a father and mother? Portland waste Oregons tax money, https://liveshots.blogs.foxnews.com/2011/01/05/green-giant-planned-for-portland/ using local college funding. This ought to help us afford our kids tuition! If I had two brain cells to rub together, I would cease reading the news and just enjoy the views like the one in this picture.  Here are some pictures from our current location: https://sites.google.com/site/travelinginasafari2010se/01072011—torreya-state-park. Off to Pensacola in the morning, we are headed West! Hmm, maybe that is a bad idea, all this pornographic news originated in the west…
Good evening and good night…

Being a hermit by nature, this is my kind of campground!!!

We were worried about altitude sickness being at nearly 300′. This picture shows that even at 300′ Florida is still comprised of sand.

 The reason teens are not allowed on playgrounds now days.

 Sarah mis uses the the play structure

 I ambush my gorgeous wife with the camera. :))

 We go for a walk in the woods, but discover Holly lost Athena’s sweat shirt. (Not the one Athena is wearing) and have to end our walk. 🙁

 We find a century flower, but it is winter and there is no flower. If there were, it would be about 10′ above the plant!

 We find cardinals, but they would not let me get close enough for a good photo! anti social snobs!

We get a look out over the valley, we have not been this high since Everest at Disney World!

Holly comes to tell us her cat is missing, it made a break for it while we were gone. The darn thing always hides in the same spot though, so it is now captive again.