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Looks like the dorm that contained my cell in Academy
Looks like the dorm that contained my cell in Academy

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The home of Peyton Randolph the first president of the continental congress located in Williamsburg Virgina. We looked at this among other things today as we studied the Jamestown and Williamsburg settlements. We learned that Jamestown did not move due to disease as we originally thought, but that Jamestown moved after being burned to the ground in Bacon’s rebellion. We also learned that freedom of religion first occurred in Jamestown; as a result of a man thought to be an illegal Catholic mouthing off in a meeting. He mouthed off one too many times, was accused of being Catholic and shot without trial. Later the the people thinking about the incident were disturbed by their killing of one of their own, and decided that as long as one pretends to be Anglican, he can practice any religion he likes. “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. Some speculate that Jefferson later included the “freedom to practice religion” in Virginia constitution as a result of this mans death. Lesson here, is one must be careful who he shoots when trying to stop a social change. :) There were several other interesting things to be learned as well, but I am still under the weather and not up to a lot of typing. There are pictures posted today.
Oh, one thing one may want to know, bring lots of money, and your own lunch. Admission to Williamsburg $36.00 per person and does not include a tour of the governors mansion, or $100. pp for Jamestown, York Town and Williamsburg, very stale sandwich $7. We saved some money and went to the Federal park of Jamestown, spent $100 for the family on Williamsburg for a basic pass, In Williamsburg you can walk around the colonial area without paying, just not enter the buildings, for me, that would have been satisfactory. If you have been to any colonial period place with actors, you have seen the actors at Williamsburg, just walk around and checkout the free stuff, I learned more from the plaques outside than the actors which with the exception of a few were bored employees waiting on the clock. Colonial Williamsburg is a must see, it is only the inside of the buildings that seemed over priced since we have seen much of the same type of thing at Concord, The Mission Mill and other places.

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10182010 – Jamestown and Williamsburg

 Jamestown Church

 Newly Found Jamestown church being dug up

 Jamestown marker

 Pocahontas and Sarah

 Williamsburg Capital building. Jamestown moved here because Mr. Bacon was fried due to Jamestown not running the Indians out of his region. He and his band burned Jamestown to the ground.

The Home of Mr. Randolph the first Continental Congress President In Colonial Williamsburg.


 The Gallows were the only sure way out.

 Sunset on Jamestown

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