Just sitting here being amused by the weather

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February 26, 2011 – Just sitting here being amused by the weather – Rolling Shoe Box 

Two weeks ago it was 10, today 83, this place has weird weather. Took a walk around the park, but no pictures from the walk, forgot to charge the camera batteries. Saw some turtles in the fishing pond with their heads out of the water taking in some rays. There are several kids in the park, Holly and Sarah are happy. Since I started writing this fifteen minutes ago, the sky has turned very dark and the RV has started rocking in the wind. Tomorrow is supposed to be 84 and sunny, so this weather change, is certainly unexpected to say the least. We have no place to be, so if the weather turns to wind and rain, no big deal, still better than 10 degrees. Well that is all from the our family.

Have a good evening and a good night….