Just too cold to do much today

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Palms5170 December 27, 2010 – Just too cold to do much today – Rolling Shoe Box 

  A picture from my walk this morning, nice blue sky and well it is up to 36 degrees. it was 30 last night, and predicted to be 22 tonight. I guess they will have to rename the near by city of “Frost Proof” Sarah has decided “Frost Bite” might be a good name.  I have learned that the drought is actually a water over usage issue due to freezing weather. The strawberries, water melons, corn, and citrus fruit can’t be allowed to freeze so the water is pumped out of the ground and sprayed on the food crops to keep the plants from freezing. So much water has been pumped out that sink holes have appeared in some areas. If global warming does not start doing its thing the American citrus industry, could be doomed, and Florida may end up below sea level due to the sink holes. Good news is afoot how ever, I have read we have banned or made the laws so stringent on oil drilling that US based oil companies will be all but decimated by 2012 with fuel exceeding $5.00 per gallon by end of the year. With all that being said, those of who invest in foreign oil stocks should do well for some time to come.  Actually that is not the good news I am referring to, the good news is that normal temperatures are supposed to be returning by the end of the week, the bad news is that the aqua-firs are probably empty, and Florida will need an extremely wet season to rebuild its water resources. In the mean time, all the women can now use the new Shampoo being pushed by the Eco freaks and thousand trails that allows one to wash his or here hair without water, just comb it in and it will remove all the oils and leave behind a fresh scent. (I sure hope it is not a fresh pine scent.) https://www.salongrafix.com

Good Evening and Good Night…  Remember lay off the water!