Kennedy Space Center

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ShuttleReadyforLauncheb71 November 22, 2010 – Kennedy Space Center – Rolling Shoe Box 

We drove out to Kennedy Space center and took a tour on one of their buses around the complex. The picture on the right is the bottom side of the shuttle on the pad. We could not get any closer due to security reasons which make no sense to me, but they seem very picky about who is allowed on the launch pad. Considering the helicopter with the soldiers training their machine guns on our bus, I agree that it probably was wise to stop at this location for photos. The two white strips down the sides of the vertical bullet are primary rockets that they reuse after each flight, the orange piece in the middle is the solid rocket booster that is disposed of during each flight.
At the museum we rode the shuttle launch simulator, it was essentially a massage chair on steroids, with a movie screen, but was interesting. (I decided that I don’t want an easy chair with a massage feature.) Well seeing Cape Canaveral wore us out, but the weather made us think of Oregon as it is stuck at 70 degrees and raining yesterday, today, and through thanksgiving. Will post pictures tomorrow.

Have a good evening and good night …

Some rockets we found laying around in the yard at Kennedy Space Center.

 Shuttle and rocket assembly building

 We visit the NASA filming platform, used only by NASA not the media during launch events
 One of the empty launch pads for the shuttle

 This pad has shuttle locked and loaded. Sure takes a lot of work to go 220 miles high.

 Jet way for boarding passengers on the shuttle. (We had to go through security, but NASA is not into pat down!)

 Shuttle luggage compartment. Strange looking luggage.

 No wonder they are retiring the shuttle. Who uses green screen CRT’s in the cockpit anymore?

 They invented an efficient way of disposing unruly crew members